Buying Guide for Helmets


Ski Helmets

More and more people have begun to wear helmets while skiing, a positive change in the safety of the sport. But sometimes you see people wearing helmets that just don’t look right—their helmet rides forward, tilts back or shakes while they’re skiing. With a bad fit like this, the helmet is essentially worthless. To get the correct size, measure yourself just above the eyebrows with a measuring tape (convert to centimeters, if necessary). This number will be associated with the sizes provided on the website.

Despite being the correct size, some helmets still don’t fit right. This is because molds vary from brand to brand, so trying on a helmet is always a good bet before purchasing it online. The helmet should fit snug all around the head without pain or excessive pressure anywhere. To test the functional fit, put the helmet on and buckle it. Next, turn your head from side to side and up